Harihar Group



A. We provide following services:

1. Bulk power to open access consumers having connected load more than 1 Mega Watts as per government rules and regulations. We are signing long term ( 25 years) power purchase agreements (PPA) with such consumers. The consumers will have the uninterrupted power supply. Power rates cheaper than Discom rate.

2. Roof top solar power projects for schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, etc.

3. Solar power modules for domestic consumers.

4. Solar power solutions for agricultural purposes.

5. We arrange Power Purchase Agreements between electricity generators and consumers for cheaper than Govt. supply rates.

6. We provide turnkey solutions for SOLAR COLD STORAGE for storing agriculture produce like potato, tomato, matar, carrot, apple, orange, mango, banana etc. before selling at higher rate in the off-season market. A 100 MTon Cold Room built at the cost of Rs.20,00,000/- can provide an income of Rs.15,00,000/- in a year.

7. We design and provide BAMBOO supporting structure for solar power projects which reduces the cost by Rs. 50,00,000/- per MW of installation. The bamboo structure shall have 25 years of life equal to the solar plant life time.

8. We provide Turnkey solution for BIOMASS TO DIESEL (LIQUID), BTL Technology for converting Municipal waste, Agriculture waste, tyres, plastic to useful Products like Diesel, Biochar & Gas. Biochar is very useful as fertilizer. diesel & gas can be used in engines or cooking stoves. 

 9. We provide simple design PIPED BIOGAS PLANT to process Kitchen waste to biogas and fertilizer along with vertical/ urban farming solution. the system cost starts from Rs.6,000/- with a payback period of 2 years.


 We are providing 'Do it Yourself kits' at following rates.

1. 100 watts battery charging unit consisting of 100watt solar panel and 20 Amp. charge controller @ Rs.8,000/-

2. 200 watts battery charging unit consisting of 2X100 watt panel and 20 Amp. charge controller  @. Cost Rs.15,000/-

3. 300 watts solar panel with grid tie inverter+ 20Amp charge controller @ Rs.25,000/-

4. 500 watts solar panel with grid tie inverter +20Amp charge controller @ Rs.40,000/-

5. 1kW solar panel with grid tie inverter + 20 Amp.solar charge controller @ Cost Rs.70,000/-

( solar module supporting structure has to be designed as per site conditions and shall be charged extra)


Payment terms: 25% at the time of booking and balance at the time of delivery.

Warranty: 5 years.(solar module  warranty 25 yrs)

The rates are ex-works Delhi/ Ghaziabad.


C. We are providing following schemes to popularise solar power:

1.      BOOT model- In this model we will provide the complete system at our own cost on owner's roof top and provide full generated power to owner consumption at the same rate as Govt.supply rate. After the full repayment of loan and equity including interest, the system shall be transferred to owner's name for further solar power at zero cost, say after 10-15 years depending on the prevailing power rates.

2.      Shared Equity model: In this model owner can put in 15% of project cost as equity and same equity we shall put under his ownership. Rest amount shall be arranged as loan/ subsidy. We shall operate and provide the owner, the generated power at 10% cheaper rate than Govt. supply rate. The owner shall also get the profit share of 55% and we will share 45%. The arrangement shall work for 25 years after which the system can be transferred to owner at salvage value.

3.      Full Ownership model: in this model owner shall invest 20% project cost and rest can be arranged by us as loan/ subsidy. And we operate the plant on behalf of owner, and owner pay us the O&M charges @ Rs.1.50/ unit (with 8% increment every year) till the owner take over the operation and maintenance of the system.

4.      Effecient Lighting:  we also undertake projects to replace old lights with LED bulbs and light by retrofitting without changing the look of your office. 

D. We are also providing solar power system on Hire -Purchase scheme-

     Under this scheme, we shall provide solar systems with Grid Tie Inverter, which can work with the Mains as well as the Diesel generating Sets. The consumer shall pay a fixed rate of Rs.10/- per unit of solar power generated for a period of 15 years or Rs.12/- per unit for 10 years, after which the consumer owns the system system and shall use power free of cost. Under this scheme the consumer shall provide a floating bank guarantee equivalent to one year solar power consumption value. In case the consumer wants to discontinue the arrangement, the system shall be uninstalled and taken back after the agreed period of operation.